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60 minutes have been on air since 1968, starting on Tuesday, but most of the time on Sunday, which is still alive today. Magazine Popular News This gives a study, an interview and is hard, along with people in the news, and the latest news is a record that never existed in the rating Nielsen rated numberone five times Set it up, make it one of the most successful programs on television tv This series has received more Emmi awards from other news programs. In 2003, Don Hewitt, creator (in 1968), served as Emma, ​​along with a correspondent at the 60th minute. During the 2009 seasonYear, Correspondent Steve Croft, Lesley Stahl, Bob Simon, Scott Pellie, Morley Safer, Katy Curry, Byron Pitts, Lara Logan, Charlie Rose, Anderson Cooper and Andy Rooney. Added to the Peabody 11 Award, this long-lived phenomenal series 78 won the prizes, while the season of 2005 remains the mainView of viewersfor news magazines.

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