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After the disappearance of his uncle, three surprises sent Meg, his brother and his friend to the gap to find out. After the discovery of a new model of space travel, as well as the death of Meg’s father, she, her brother and friends must join threeMagical creatures – Lady Whatsit, she. Who and she, who – travel through the universe, to help him from the terrible evil.

Meg MURRY is a regular high school student, who is struggling with self-respecting questions, which I would like to see fit.There are two world-famous physicists who are the most intellectual and talented, as well as his young man Megs Charles Wallace, but he has yet to be recognized. Murry’s disappearance is a complicated issue,Causing Meg to die and his mother stopped. Charles Wallace presents Meg and his colleagues, Calvin, the Divine (who, Mrs. Whatsit and her), who went to the earth to help find her father and to herTogether, they break away in their surprising search. When traveling by the cover and the space called transport, they are transferred to the outside world imaginative, where they have to face powerful power.To return home to the world, Meg must face the darkness to use the police needed to overcome the world’s fastest darkness.

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