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AVG Internet Security 2017 – The latest version of the antivirus software for AVG 2015 linked is available for downloading and testing. Additionally, to add more security features and performance solutions, add a new feature that enables you securely and by searching for a file from a hard drive. The feature is found in the list of settings for saved files and folders. Since the new version brings about some changes and improvementsto complete the anti-virussolution, developers give you install and test the new AVV antivirusThe Internet Security 2014 to measure its performance.

Main section:

– Antivirus and Antivirus


– Surf-Shield protection of the web

– Internet web server

Privacy policy

– Attention to Identity

– An email scanner

Anti Spam

– Personal Firewall

– PC Analyst

– Data capture

– Other features

Key Features for Internet Security 2017:

– Great protectionfriendly user of all the needs

– Delete your information more sensitive

-Encrypt and store your files for additional privacy

– The main equipment, which you need to control who can see and use what you are doing online

– Last protection for credit card numbers, bank details, or other personal information you find online

– Scanning speed and computer speed because the antivirus never gets slower.

– Looking for the best video

What’s in version

Illustration of Light New fresh, simpleThe user interface conducts monitoring of all levels of protection

Scanning a new scanning computernow searches for malware, unwanted toolbars, and extensions and computer productivity problems with one click.

Open deeper options that allow you to target specific secret threats and more severe scanning and over all your computer.

Improve the threat of identifiable threats by sending destructive programs to our servers for more detailed analysis, analyzing quickly, formingadjust, and pushing for millions of users to ensure they have been saved

Scanning users use freeScan feature to monitor how their computerworks. They have the opportunity to buy different AVG TuneUp if they experience any problems

What’s new?



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