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Todd Lumley, CCNA / CCNP / CCSP / CCVP, CEH / CEFI, FCC RF licensed popular popular Sybex author and trainer at GlobalNet Training, has been involved in computers and networks with Fortune 500 companies for more than two decades. He worked for large companies, such as Hughes, Xerox, Texaco, Toshiba, Cisco, AAA and IBM, among many others.

It is saidtold him about his networking knowledge and experience in more than 45 Sybex learning guidelines, including the best-selling Cisco CCNA Study Guide. He is generally regarded as the best-selling author, and even surpasses the sales of Cisco Press.

Module 1 Measurement

Introduction to core networks of the Carverand logical addressing of the reference model of the OSI Seven Layers and their Ethernet Networks functions

Module 2: Introduction to TCP / IP

Introducing an Internet protocol protocol As protocols for applying the DoD protocols for hosted protocols for a layer protocol network layer Written laboratory

Module3: IP address, subset, VLSM and summary

Introduction IP addressing of hexadecimal and binary addressing Class C A subset of class B A subset of class A subset of subnet mask with variable length

Module 4: Introduction to Cisco IOS

hooks and switched boots Types of memory in the routerand Switch User Mode Privileged Mode Administrative Functions Host Name Banner Password

Module 5: Managing iOS and solving IP problems

How to confirm and copy from iOS on tftp server How to confirm copy andIOS from TFTP server How to confirm your configurationcan verify and copy to FTP

Module 6: IP routing

Introduction to IP Routing Static Routing Dynamic RIP RIP RIPv2 Routing Confirmation Manual for RIP Routing Lab: Static Routing Hands-On

Module 7: EIGRP and OSPF

Introduction to enhanced configuration and confirmation of IGIG and EIGRP Introduction to OSPF OSPF camouflageOSPF Option selection mask Confirmation for manual OSPF laboratories

Module 8: Layer-2 Overlay Protocol and Tree Range

Introduction to the Switching Layer-2 MAC Address Table Three Switching Functions Step Protocol Load (STP) Determination of the STP Bridge

Module 9: VirtualLAN (VLAN)

Introduction to virtuallocal networks Configuring VLANs Granting membership for port switching Configuring ports on the trunk Inter-VLAN routing Router on a stick

Module 10: Access Lists

Introduction to Access Lists Standard Access Lists Lists of Access Lists Accessiblelists Configure the checklists and check the authentication lists

Module 11: Translation to a network address

Introduction NAT (Network Address Translation) Static NAT Dynamic Address Conversion of NAT Port (PAT) Mounts to Unlock NAT Hands

Module 12: Wireless Networks

Introductionin wireless networks WLAN technologies IEEE specifications WLAN security Handheld laboratories: WLAN time analysis

Module 13: IPv6

Introduction to IPv6 IPv6 configuration of IPv6 routing protocols Configuration and validation of IPv6 handheld laboratories: Configure and validate IPv6 time

Module 14: BroadbandInternet (WAN) and security manager

Introducing wide networks High Line Data Control (HDLC) Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) SDM

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