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The World Cube is a great, clear RPG world, which is a reminder of some famous blocking game construction, but the game can be deceptive. Leave the building on the World Cube Minecraft, the goal is to fight and explore!

Action plays role-playing game in Minecraft style

At first glance, World Cube seems to be decorated to not accept Minecraft. But for the graphics of the Cube World pixel game play with all its own elements.

Like many gamesthe role of inshyyainshyya, the World Cube mimics the creature. Use templates to determine appearance, gender, color and anti-profit. Then you can create other players in your own many players or world players. As in the world of Minecraft in the World Cube it is not the same.

Cube World Challenge Easily illustrate. The first step is to find your way through this block world. You can collect flowers and wood splits, and other things. All of these devices can be made tools, weapons,weapons, vkashtovnyya, medicine. growing standards, the best player of the itemYou can make. This may seem like Minecraft to write, but it is impossible to remove blocks and create them.

Death only applies

Death occurs when running out of health. If you die, you get closer to your resting place, and even take things in the reach. If you get a stage at death (for example, in most players, partners can killthe enemy you give XP with is enough for a new level), you can go back to life and perfect health. If you die, you can try again at the nearest response point, and you will not lose your item.

The struggle system is a cumbersome World Cube: with the left mouse button, you can create violent or blowing attacks, at the right speed. Some giants have to go with another weapon, so it’s better to avoid punches and avoidmonstrai war involvement. Power Boss opponents are distributed randomly around the world.

block table

The World Cube is very well-rounded, and its surroundings are beautiful, though recognizing the type of Lego. Different colors and themes give colors and make a variety of cleanliness and fun. The beautiful and shady lighting light has a soft shape, it’s a bit like Minecraft.

CubeDunia has some boring gukefekti and wild dancing dance that you can quickly getnerves.

Conclusion: The action-packed extravaganza unit with a small scope

The World Cube has had a good impact on the early alpha version we tested the more aesthetic pilot unit harder than in Minecraft with its roleThe game concept is the same. World Cube attracts lost players in Minecraft and wants to hunt instead of block reputation.

However, role playing games are limited. While players can fully participate in Minecraft, World Cube relies onits content. At present, it is limited and needs to be updated periodically. If this does not change, World Cube only changes the temporary usage.

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