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Dr. A surgeon, Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis), only saw the effects of violence in his city as rushes in his emergency room – his wife (Elizabeth SHUE) and his daughter’s college-age (Camilla’s …

Dr. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) only sees the effects of the surgeon in the city, which has taken his emergency to violence – his wife (Elizabeth SHUE) and her daughter’s college-age (Camilla Morrone) baseman napadnatnejziniot suburban home. Crime overwhelmed Police, Paul’s revengeDefendant will bring justice to his family’s aggressor. The attention of the media that attracts anonymous murders by criminals, asks the city to be a patron of a famous harvest that was dead in the past. Anger and fate of intense fighting Thriller Wish-enWish.

Wish WishA The remake of the thriller of the “Wish Wish” of the 1960’s revenge and later Ph.D. Paul Kerssey, a surgeon who was a caregiver after the invasion of the house, killed his wife and left his daughter Katathonia. Kersey ResponsibleFrom the beginning of discovering the robbers, they have to acknowledge the new “Grim Reaper” to prevent them from avoiding.

English language

Translation: Well

Classification: NA

Issue date: March 1, 2018

Genre: action / crime / drama

Duration: Not available

Trader: TGV images, boxes

Cast: Bruce Willis, VincentD’Onofrio, Elizabeth Shu, Dean Norris

Director: Eli Roth

Format: 2D

Votes 27 4
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