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EasyBCD allows you to run Windows. It enables booting in an older system that is not supported by Microsoft, such as Windows 2000, Windows ME and others. You can run everything you wantWindows, Mac, BSD and Linux.

Choose from what you will come up with and type

EasyBCD allows you to boot from ISO, USB drives, virtual disks and so on. You can create a bootable USB drive / stick with repair tools, where you can choose where you want to go. The interface is embarrassingand it looks almost the same, but the use of large buttons in the menu makes the program convenient and easy to use. The interactive design is simple, but you still need guidance unless you want to experiment. This tool also makes editing too easy if you want to rename, add, delete, edit and configure the entry.

Interesting tools with limited use

Speaking EasyBCD is just as inadequate as it helps to solve the problem withHowever, there are many options to use this tool when looking for a solution to a computer problem. This tool is not a good source for solving a computer problem, but it offers the right path if you try and not when you use other solutions. It may be appropriate for these who need to wear footwear in safe mode or on recovery devices, but you must do it first.

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