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Far Cry is the first person that the shooter has many open inspections. Like an old Jack Carver, you alone on the tropical island, you are looking for a lost journalist. The defense forces you the knights with other opponents, more foreigners. You will have to explore the island, drag the bad people down and cometo the case.

Welcome to the jungle

Repeat search for open world searches with the work of the first shooter; It was a great success compiled series series. This concept today is not innovative, because the game was originally paid in 2004 – after all,successful breeding animals affect – but the game is still timely and exciting. Even in comparison to modern games, its parts are well-managed, such as the real enemy AI challenge. If you play other archers for the first person, you can not get too muchcontrol, although the game aims to overcome speed with sharp thinking rather than with heavy force-Jack Carver is definitely difficult, but that’s not unexpected. Although current contemporary standards, graphics still attract.

Regular review

A remote crystal is not the first key to itYou see, he has always been, but the game is still on. It’s possible to get back – or dive for the first time.

Far cry 4 is distinguished by its far cry 4, and we can honestly say that we expect too long an extension.

Although horse 4 driver takes place in Kirat (Himalayas),which makes changes in some cases, others are still the same: observation, hunting, behavior, hostile AI, secondary bad news What we have here is “right”? He will not see me

Now with more elephants

Far Cry 4 invites you to explore Kyrat in your message to save thislocation of the dictator. Like the First Crystal 3, the part of the missionary campaign has the ability to volunteer the main journey and launch a large number of voluntary content.

The dictator’s military station is one of the best entertainment, if an indecent response. You can enter a newsletter, do not enterair and a small helicopter to attack long distances and sniper There are other random scenarios that also increase the highest level of uncertainty for your journey.

Some trips are more secondary lines, but are more diverse than those performed on Far Cry 3, theFor example, will accompany trucks utoajikutoka rebel army and trusted friend, a missile launcher. The results will be explosive.

“it all looks great,” you might think: Far Cry 4 adds “more tools” to showcase your creativity, such as elephants, small helicopters,many animals, the structure continues to be the same.

Far Cry 4 wants to eliminate conflicts in the company. Fashion publisher is one of the new elements of the game. You can travel around Kyrat with another user in the Cooperative System, or share it with one of the Vs Player. The player’s style,as a flag on a flag or a dark bum.

Another great novel of Campaign is a fortress. These are four people in advance and a high level of recommended difficulty when clicking to catch a friend in the Partner System of the participants. You will have time for yourself or for a company, but we had more challengeslike this.

Change events

Kirat is a good place. These pictures are helping to forget that you are in some sort of expansion as the island haven for agriculture remote 3. Each of the Kyrat neighborhoods has its own style and culture, and the type of culture can be different from watching the place.Far Cry 4 Amma conversion requires a powerful computer. When the victim is worth it.

If you’ve recently played Far Cry 3, you want to jump Far Cry 4. And even if you’re new to the series, you will learn to control it immediately. They are also intuitive and you can do a lot of them with them without having to doA complicated mix of buttons or buttons (if you play a game with a game).

There is no revolution

Far Cry 4 is “much more”. I’m Expect to repeat the things you do in CC3, but this way new events with more options? Then jump on the adventure and you have no other mind. Do you grow up for somethingother than the revolution? Then wait for the 5th night of fear.

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