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Far Cry shows the first person shooter, which includes a lot of surveys of public elements around the world. How is the veteran Jack Carver’s team, you alone on the islands to find missing journalists?Against your squad Mercenaries, as well as many other exotic opponents. You will have to find the island, hire a bad guy and go to the bottom of the case.

Welcome to the jungle

Far Cry for the first time open exploration and world explorationasobyshuter – it was a major achievement and made movies. This concept is not new today because it was when the game was released in 2004 – eventually, the breeding success of the game.Wannabe – But the game remains calm and interesting. Even compared to modern games is part of Poland, for example, the opponent is really difficult AI. If you have another person playing for the first time, you will not find too much incredible control over here,Although the game focuses on thinking less stealth tactics than in heavy firearms – Jack Carver, of course, is difficult, but it can not be destroyed. Even by today’s standards, the image remains interesting.

Consider the classic

TechnologyFar Cry is a picture full of extreme lighting, but the game remains interesting to come back – or dive for the first time.

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