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Security and privacy are growing concern for computer users As we know that we use our computers for all types of personal business from accounting to privacy, data theft sometimes use used machinesor discard data. The format is not always achieved, and given these concerns, not to mention that ordinary maintenance software, such as the low-level HDD format tool, is designed for more complete cleaning. There is an unpaid trial period.

Restore your disk to zero

The devicelow-level HDD format performs a low-level format, which means not only removing the information but physically restoring the disk by leaving it with an empty slab. This makes the data very difficult to recover. This is a tool for using older discs,so even if it is useless to modern equipment users, it can make old computers safe for reuse or sale. This software supports the main interface such as USB and SATAIDE, and almost all manufacturers. The software also supportsflash cards that are useful if you often transfer personal data.

Old learning tools

A The low-level HDD tool is very powerful and will undoubtedly erase the discs, but may not be suitable for the new model. It can be used more widely for computers for repairs and recycling.Free trial is limited to 50mb / s, but you can buy very cheap licenses.

formatDigital HDD format supports the following formats


Disc Brands: Maxtor, Hitachi, Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, IBM, Quantum and Western Digital.

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  1. HDD Low Level Format Tool free download torrent
  2. HDD Low Level Format Tool download free torrent