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With the classic Microsoft browser, you can browse web pages and configure various settings (security, privacy, and ease of use).

New security and privacy settings

Internet Explorer 9 looks new and offers many options with which you canto approach the competition.

From the standpoint of privacy, you can use InPrivate (which allows you to search incognito), and allows you to open sessions without saving pages visited in your history or accepting cookies. Now it’s also possible to configure your privacy settings,to select the type of data that you want to share with the sites you visit.

Security also seems to have been improved by Microsoft and the Internet explorer9 is currently offering new tools such as SmartScreen protection and filtering monitoring (which allows you to verify the security certificate of the sites you visitto avoid unwanted pages).

Personalize your experience with the web browser

Internet Explorer 9 is an opportunity for Microsoft (forever) to install the tabbed system in your browser. This is not necesarioPara any page you visit, open a new window and trust us, this new feature is really a sipfresh air for Internet Explorer. However, it is a pity that this innovation took a lot of time (much longer than the competition) that was introduced.

However, this is a browser that offers some of the most interesting options. You can set language preferences to choose versions for siteswill be shown Suitable if you are traveling abroad, or you always want to display web pages in a different language than your browser. You can also change the search option to select your favorite, and you should not necessarily use Bing as a base.

Of point of viewFor improvement, Internet Explorer 9 is also being restored, and now offers additional plug-ins to customize your browser. However, there are not so many extensions, Internet Explorer always accuses the disagreement in other browsers, such as Firefox. The new center of improvement, however, provides a useful opportunity.Verify the consumption of resources so that you can quickly identify extensions that may slow down browsing.

Browser that is far away

There is no doubt that Microsoft has revised its copy of Internet Explorer 9 with new (and welcoming) privacy settings,security and enhancements. A special mention deserves the Excellence Efficiency Center, which is, of course, unique.

Despite the efforts of the developer, Internet Explorer 9 is still far from its main rivals. Nowhere near Chrome, as versatile as Firefox, and as easy as before, the browserMicrosoft is very simple in extensions and very difficult to achieve true speed. Internet Explorer 9 is a decent browser, but nothing close to the top of the genre.

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