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The Legend League in MOBA (online multiplayer) where two teams of five players fight to destroy the enemy base, reminiscent of DotA. By offering a combination of strategies for a RPG, and a high octan, along with ease of action, League of Legends (lol short) can offer a deep play and will surely be proud of the supporters of multi-play games online.

The real reference point for MOBA games

Against competitors called Smitee DotA 2, League of Legends has established itselfas a benchmark for the MOBA genre with almost 40 million players per month. The best of LoL is the power of gameplaysy that requires you to respond quickly without forgetting strategic depth.

The most popular way to play LoL (5 vs. 5 enemy base control battles) offers gigs about 40 minutes to play in one session, leaving in the middle of a game that will leave your team higher than the normal result that other players present a resignation .

Fortunately there are many other game modes if you do not have ittime to a long fight, you can do three against three or five by five combats with random characters and play against artificial intelligence handling robots. Lol mnozhestvoOpitat offers various games that are constantly growing: developers always add new game modes and new characters, so long time players do not lose interest.

affordable and yet a challenging game

Since debuting the developer’s League and Legend aims to make the game more accessible to beginners (taskcomplicated for MOBA games). With lots of workouts Against AI and a system that puts it against other players with a similar level of skills, the experience improves essentially from the beginning.

Remember that LoL is unhealthy and the first part of the game is often disappointing. You need to be able through these steps if you want to be a good player and enjoy all the benefits that bring the game in the long term.

since most MOBA games, League of Legends, suffer a serious disadvantage: this is a team gamewhere communication is very important. Unfortunately, some players tend to slip as soon as they are disappointed.

Therefore, it is not unusual for them to see an insult in the conversation, as well as increasing anti-social behavior. This is very bad, because sometimes it can spoil the game. Do not hesitate to play with friends or turn out for a quiet game.

Remember, like every competitive online game, League of Legends, which is very important to fair play: Even without investing money inthe game, it must be possible to maintain competition with other players. A fair play strategy usually works very well as the game often re-gradually prevents too strong characters to have been better for a drugite system such as additions paid to those who make their heroes stronger, they are not in a competitive game for free.

Average graphics, but in constant evolution

Launched in 2009, League of Legends is not up to graphics games today. Character templates are old-time likescenarios. Fortunately, however, or the developer always works to improve the design of the characters and make them more attractive. Although there are some disappointing graphic aspects (especially the global design of female heroes), it seems that everything works very well with each other and is quite attractive.

You will notice that ** the content of the game is usually updated ** with developers that make changes in character, text, map and sound patterns to allow the game to evolve over time.

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The League of Legends is classical. By incorporating a team games system that combines strategy and role play, the program offers a very dynamic and interesting experience that you can enjoy in the long run thanks to its rich game.

League of Legends is a success (complex is less complex than DotA 2 but more accessible) and is regularly updated on content. However, do not forget, though it’s free, that you can still pay a larger part of your pocket if youfor giving some of the content you paid (including “tired bracken”).

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