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Step by step, Mary Stewart, is a strange flower that strengthens female magic. Mary is an ordinary girl in a great country with Charlotte and there is no show or friends to see her. She follows secret cats in the nearby forests, where she discovered a unique flower and an unusual flower “Flower at night”, a plant that is rare in just 7 years flowering and only in the forest, and fried flowers and flowers carry Mary on the clouds, and far to Endor College – a magical school runthrough the head of Madame Mumblechook and the genius Dee Doctor. But there were scary things at school, and when Maria talked about sleeping, he risked his life trying to sort things out. According to Mary Stewart’s 1971 book for children, The Little Broomstick, Mary and The Witch’s Flower are a full-length movie about miracles, and the story of a little girl trying to find a place in the world. There are the voices of RubyBarnhill and the Academy …

A small Broomstick from 1971, which was inspired by Harry herselfPotter, Mary and the witches Flower.Pengembaraan adventures of all time, which leads back to one of the most-liked animated films of all time, is filled with intelligent, chaps, fantasies and cordial ceritanya.Yang young girls trying to take his place in the world.

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