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Another day – another beta version of Firefox. While Mozilla has deceived the new version of the Mozilla Marketplace for web apps for its browsers, it has not been announced yet. Beta Beta 19 Beta allows users to expect performance improvements as well as shortcomings for developers.

FirefoxBeta adds a built-in PDF viewer so you do not have to trust plugins. Another important update is that Firefox will ask you to reset the default search string URL asthe member program changes it.

Smaller enhancements include faster boot speeds, as browser needs to open faster. Developers also get new features with exception support on the debugger, which includes exception Remote Web Console can connect to Firefox on Android and Firefox OS and additional debugger browser.

Firefox Beta does not add many key nonfunctions, but the browser continues to grow.

For a stable version of Firefox, click here.


Detailed informationAbout this update can be found here:

This version of Firefox is very old and is not recommended for normal use. To download the default version of Firefox, click here.

Mozilla Firefox princessneskolko new features of this excellent web browser.

First of all, Mozilla Firefox 3 is now easier to customize. This version provides live integration with Personas, a gallery for Mozilla Firefox, which allows you to use the new Firefox theme in Browser with oneclick. In addition, you can try it in the browser before using it completely, simply by moving the cursor over the subject name.

Another interesting new feature in Mozilla Firefox 3 is the original support for reading video in full screen, as they have HTML5 tags. Just click on the video and select “Full Screen” to turn on the media player screen. In addition, Mozilla Firefox 3 released a new online plug-in called Plugin Check, which will help you to get newUpdates for your useful plug-in, especially if you’re dependent on additional Mozilla Firefox 3, like me!

Due to its efficiency and stability, the new Mozilla Firefox 3 contains the latest version of the Gecko engine and enhanced Java performance. Both of these elements are designed to provide faster scanning on the internet, which has become the weakest since recently. Although I did not test the final version long enough, I have to say that I have used the beta version andhas released the candidate for a while, and I am very pleased with the response of the program.

Generally, the new features are included in Mozilla Firefox 3, can not be as large or unusual as other versions, but they provide the best user interface with regard to usability, customization and performance.

Mozilla Firefox 3 remains active and adds new features and enhancements to the latest version.


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