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This engagement in the 2K Success Basketball franchise protects the game’s typical elements, such as fans, while the MiCareer option is reviewed and improved. NBA 2K17 offers several ways to participate in action, including Work Mode, MiGM, MiLeague and MiTeam. These different methods require that you find different levels of job management, from playing each player’s progress in managing full competition.

The best option for basketball stars

If you previously playedThe game of the NBA 2K, the main game you will feel here, though there are several improvements for mechanics. Recording now can be predictable, walking is easier and more intuitive, and AI has improved slightly. Outside sports themselves, different management approaches offer different options. MiCareer offers multiple players’ options compared to 2K16, although managing the calendar is quite exciting. Similarly, you can create MiGMs with custom teams, stadiums and other competitive features.

Input is solid in series

NBA 2K17is a modern version of its predecessor, and editor’s improvements and the best story of the story for the player. If you are a fan of the original games in the series, or just a basketball fanThis is generally a price value.

Every year, when the NBA starts, all basketball fans get the new version of the NBA 2K14, the best basketball simulator.

The end of 2014 includes LeBron James, who gave him the whole game and celebrated the long-term arrival of the Euroleague team.But are you worth the new NBA 2K14 always giving you the best basketball?

LeBron James, star this year

EveryNBA 2K has its feature player, and this time also LeBron James. The Miami warm star is available during the game, from the page page to the introduction of the video and selected music for stars and basketball stars.

It’s in LeBron style: The way of Wellness that manages its work. In the same way through NBA 2k11 was devoted to Michael Jordan, 2K14 gives you the opportunity to setLeBron James krijeru.razlika is that you can not experience the first stage of work, LeBron, as we do with Jordan, but will be with him during his recent victory.

NBA 2K14 lets you choose between two events. In the first place, LeBron will continue with Miami Heat in order to reach the top of work or in other spirits and other teams. In both cases, many challenges await, along with LeBron who can boast 99% data.

Unfortunately, this is not the caseone sets of script games that are a good line to influence. It would have been better if you could choose LeBron team, but you can not.

Another important innovation for NBA 2K14 is the arrival of the Euroleague teams. Could a decrease ever forget LeBron during the match with FC Barcelona, ​​CSKA Moscow, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos and other major European teams?

In this case you should comply with European competition law, especially defense for three seconds of the NBA laws are lost.What I do not like is that you just need to satisfy and play fast games, without any sports game that’s fully dedicated to the Euroleague teams.

Finally the moramoto does not make us forget that these two new options are just adding a game that was already solid. NBA 2K14 is still coming with all the usual franchise ways: Mi Plaier, Mi Career, Online Mode and Training.

These methods did not come, but they made this game one NBA number that we all know. On the other hand, the regimen of the Teammy return. In this case, you can share in networks with your friends and the player you named “My Payer”.

Great emotion of games

NBA 2K14 comes with various improvements in the game. You will find the most important thing if you are using a play controller, because it includes the use of a Pro Stick, which enables you to do everything with the ball: start moving hard images.

These changes try to make the game access to new players by giving more controlsinactive. However, you should be careful not to use an analogog fun for a long time if you want to make a false record because you are in danger of being shot by accident. If you use the left trigger, you can create temporary windows for your relatives using lever control.

Users can benefit from additional array of arguments or openings (between legs, backs, bouncepasss). Installing the system is complete and enjoyable because it lets you avoid the ball and prevent (hunting blocks).There is no spiritual weapon that restrains the ball!

The brave mind is also perfect, so it is more difficult to break the defense. It’s the most stable and best in the free throw area so it will be vigumuprevladati. From now on, middle players can not only lead the basket, but they should have the opportunity with the correct mixing ball or winning blockages.

By pressing the button, you can get help and it’s a gray circle of veergegeveneen in the playground where a player with a colleague,should have a great opportunity to achieve the goal.

Always, the NBA 2K14 game feeling is good with strategies and controls.

Just watch TV

Presentation has always been one of the main advantages of the NBA 2K series. The visual concept tries to provide every experience similar to watching NBA games on television.

Priority events, fan fans and 3,000 new designers contribute to the lowest conditions and on the other side of the screen.

New models show the effect of the player in detailmore: their excitement after shock or confusion over the bed after the wrong passage. Those who like to watch the NBA games even recognize the movement and attitudes of certain players, from One Signature.

In addition, the NBA 2K14 solved several errors, especially for blocks and jumping (before the ball passes through) .So everything works and it takes more efficiently every situation.

As for the sound, LeBron chose a list of songs by hand. Kanye West, Nas, Daft Punk, Gorillaz and manymore will follow you in the game, with the voice of speakers Steve Kerr, Kevin Harlan, and Clark Kellogg. Always deny, NBA 2K14 is in English.

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