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His stories include Paul, Faulkner, from the worst persecution of Christians with the most influential apostle of Jesus Christ. PAUL, THE APOSTLE OF CHRIST, is the story of two men. Luke, as friend and doctor, Danger of his life while he was in business in Rome visiting Paul, who was arrested in nearby Nero prison. Nero’s address is aimed at destroying the Christians in Rome and not refusing to follow them in the most complicated way. Before condemning Paul’s death, Lotus decidedto write another book detailing the beginning of the “path” and the birth of what is about to happen. it will be known as the church. Binding in relationships, Paul’s fight is internal. How he survived, bankruptcy, bankruptcy, hunger, starvation, hunger and joy, cold and revelation – while he waited for his appointment to death, he was haunted by his past evil. Only in the dark, he asks the question is whether he forgot the Address, and if he has the powerto do this. Two people struggle with the required position and the weakness of the human spirit to live in the gospel.

VPAUL, APOSTLE OF CHRIST, Paul suffered in Rome’s prison, awaiting his actions under the emperor Nero. Mauritius, an ambitious prison director, can not see what threatens this broken man. When he was in the south, violators of divine and cruel religion of Christians. Now his faith is racing. In great danger, Luke treats doctors who visit lifePaul and loved him – and the question, interpretation, and theft of Paul’s Epistle to a more evangelical community. In the midst of unnatural persecution, these men and women will spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and change the world.

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