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A middle school “Bird” does not know what a dark secret is bound to the mysterious ancient Polaroid camera, but it will not take a long time for those who paint the photos to a tragic end. Polaroid is framed in the ring and main goal veins and high school students’ center, the Fitch bird, stumbles on the ancient Polaroid camera. The bird soon learned that the camera had a terrible secret: the man who painted the painting filled the tragic and cruel end. Girland his friends must endure one night they run to unravel the mysterious polaroid mysteries, before killing everyone.

The boy is in his room on a Snowy Christmas Eve, excited and alert. Breath is wild. It’s hard to move. Waiting. He heard the sound, afraid that he would never hear – call Santa’s call. Time is from five minutes to midnight. Suddenly loudRoar caught the boy. Removing the mist from the window,he sees the most remarkable kind – a sparkling train wakes up in front of his house, steam from his powerful engine that makes fun of the night sky and slowly falling snow. The boy rushes, dressed in a nightgown and snooping, and filled with a guide that seems to be just waiting for him. So you go? surprised conductor. Where is it? the boy asked. Why the North Pole is this. This is the Polar Express! What happens is an adventure following a persona very good suspicious man riding on the Arctic; During the journey, he stood on the path of self-determination, indicating that the wonders of life never disappeared for those who believe.

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