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Events Sazhen and GKIDS Pom Poko excitement to bring cinemas across the country for three days of special events 17-18-20 June as part of Studio Ghibli Fest 2018. Director and directions of the Studio Academy Ghibli Takahata, future ecology of the confrontation between nature and Human civilization Named. Tangai Tama Hills found a community when they are under peaceful forest attack, the forest is threatened developers who want to build houses and trade tsentry.Desperateuntuk survivegroup tanuki together and learn the ancient art of transformation, change forms in a variety of human and spirit, carry out a plan to save their homes.

Fathom Events and GKIDS Porco Rosso is excited to bring cinemas across the country within three days of special event on May 20, 21, 23, as part of the Studio Ghibli Fest 2018. From the famous Studio Ghibli, creators of A Viaxe of Chihiro, and Academy Awards directed by Hayao Miyazaki, pryhodyachyzahaplyalnyya air adventures and stingthe beautiful port city on the Atlantic coast. When the hunter-hunter plane Porco Rosso attacked a group of pirates with his heavenly heroic pirates hired to liquidate the North American rival. It helps a teenager and a giant salon singer, picking up leads to the sky for what could be his last fight rising.

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