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As long as the world of OASIS is said to be the truth, I see that not so abundant today, which is not OASIS get the users in the egg is of Easter, which the search engines are in luck. In 2045, the real world is slow. When Flaccus Wade (Sheridan Victoria) Oasis live with the truth, the nature of many day over it. In OASIS, wherever you are, do you think of what it is anyway, Tuda, was lifting them up. Lliday OASISames coined intellectual abide Unrich (Mark Rylance). His welfare, and the government has left the Oasis, so goodthree series. Dwyane Wade and the first real challenge treasure hunt takes bets in the world, and his friends, and it was when it was discovered High five OASIS and wonderful world of danger.

Steven Spielberg entered through the invention of the film in the film in the film is the one player is ready to bondans and John are the best selling clubs and the filming of the same name in the world by 2045, and that mundoex chaos and collapse. However, people who have found safety in the real world and real brewed OASIS,James Halliday (Mark Rylance), a fascinating and eccentric. Halliday when he died, he left no accidents of fortune of his own, to one first, the egg in a certain place of the Passover, which is a digital OASIS not conceal this, the victory of the world in vain. And Wade called the young hero named Horace (Tallis Sheridan) determines the world’s contempt innovation concept of danger approaching reality hunters a treasure.

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