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Team Fortress 2 is the first free online competitive multiplayer (FPS) shooter, determined by its wide range of character classes and an excellent game.

With his cartoon graphics in style, Team Fortress 2 is a good game for three years. These visual effects have yet another largeadvantage over more realistic styles: you can see very clearly what is happening, not other players united on the stage on adlegacy. The graph is so clear that you can distinguish between the character fácilmenteclases distance, helping him decide how to act.

there is a nineclasses in Team Fortress 2. The crimes have a scout, a soldier and Pyro. Defense classes are a demolitionist, a heavyweight and an engineer, while a support group has a medic, a sniper and a spy. There is a great variety among all, and all is very interesting to learn. There are four types of Team Fortress 2 games: capture the flag,kopkakantralyavat load and arenas. Each type gives obxectivose feels different, which adds a huge amount of content that is free in the name of the games are on sale.

The game quickly, controls the hard and accurate, and there is a ton of settings to play. Cartoon Violence in Team Fortress2 makes the experience a lot easier than other names, like Call of Duty, while he’s still very kankuradzdulny based on skills.

Team Fortress 2 is very popular and worthy. Now is cross-platform and free, there is no excuse not to participate.


version2 December 2011:

Fixed “Checkout Busy” error that prevented certain accounts from buying items

improved problems FrameRate talked to some customers

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