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Celebrates the birth of show business and announces a new vision from everything that creates glasses that have become an international concept. Deficiency, a woman, but pride, ideas and ideas, Phineas Taylor Barnum of the United States will always be remembered as a man with sewing between truth and falsehood. Thirstdiscoveries and hunger for success, the child’s son will be able to open a funeral, but will soon change his direction and wonder how he does this amazing life, invisible in the circus. Some of them will be called the Barnd’s curiosity collection, a show show; However, when the opera singer Jenny Lind,when in the opera singer Jenny Lind there is a physical and respectful show to appeal to the higher audiences, he somehow will lose his understanding in the most important aspect of his life: his family. Will Barnum risk being accepted?

The largest exhibition is a bold andoriginal music that celebrates the birthplace of the business and the sense of surprise that you hear when dreams come. Inspired by Barnum’s motivations and ideas, The Great Showman describes the story of the vision that came from everything to create beautiful glasses that have become internationalidea.

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