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The world’s guard receives a new customer, a slaughterer who must declare in the International Court of Justice. They have to set aside their differences and work together to prove it timely. With his reputation in combat after a painful delivery failed by a prominent Japanese customer, the former three-year cover man, Michael Bryce, was returned to his only class escort to lease two years after the scandal.In that case, Bryce can prove their value again and as a result, it does not take long to accept Interpol’s offer to guide Manchester international killer Darius Kincaid in The Hague. This task seems easy: Bryce just needs to bring the contractor from point A to point B, however, Kincaid, the only one with courage and enough evidence to testify against a clear goal dictator Tyrannian Belarus Eun, while traveling to the Netherlandslong gevaarlijk.Zonder and I doubt that this will be a race against time as an incompatible pair put his habits aside, in a concert without leaving a bullet.

The protector of the world receives a new customer: a murderer who comes out of the cold. They have been across the globe for years. Now they need to work together and only have 24 hours to arrive to The Hague to overthrow a killer dictator.

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