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Legend of Zelda: The Wild BEGGARTICKS +

Open the RPG world, faces third, 3D

The crowd Nintendo

Languages: ENG / GER / 6 Multilang

Original Size: US

Pack of magnitudes is: by the GB

Interface languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian

Audio languages, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian

Date of issue: March 3, 2017

Open the RPG world, faces third, 3D

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: + wiiu computer rivals

Engine: in

Metacritic Rating97% (11 reviews)

ratingde Metacritic (according to the 1393 rating)


Into a world of adventure

Forget everything you know about the Legend of Zelda. Enter the world of discovery, exploration and adventure in the Legend of Zelda: breathing limits fierce popular new game in the series. The flight through the woods to make a march over the hills of beauty, of the kingdom of perniciemaperi hanggangmalaman Hurley, having finished the coming of Christ.

The characters in the game

Explore the wildlife of Hurley as you like – tower and ascend to the top of places to lookagain, and set out your way to dive into the desert. So matatay the battle to the enemy, captured wild animals and gather the right ingredients of the food you’ll need on your trip.

More than 100, and the discovery of a trial exploratioId sanctuary from the sanctuary, and the landscape look colors may be in order. You will find it in different ways, to solve puzzles inside. The plots were being attributed to earn the help of a special inquiry.

Magingmaayos prepared andequipped – the whole world waiting to be discovered, among other tools necessary to reach the apparatuanguli. You may need an interest in warmer clothes until a more suitable to the desert heat. Ilanang clothes with special effects, for example, can do it faster and restrained.

In the battle with the enemy requires war – the world is populated by enemies of all shapes and sizes. If everyone has the manner of the assault, and the weapons of his own, so you must also think of the citobumuoangthe rules of warfare to overcome them.

Minimum requirements:

Operating System 7 or higher (64-bit only!)

Processor, Intel i5 / Core i7, or the like


Video card: GeForce ® Pentium 970 or better, or the like

DirectX 11

HDD space: 14 GB (~ 18 MB during installation)

Wrap features:

100% without loss

It is not discarded, lost the game record of resources

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