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Note: This version is an independent, updated, with all of the DLC, many tongues.

If you experience problems, the source is not running. You can fix this in the following way: leave them in the game a little, for example: 100: games (not a long trip), game to start the trial as administrator (BTW, remember to turn off the AV / Firewall before the extraction well). enjoyed)

When the game begins to look for in a short time, and loaded every nisl elit, either on behalf of HP. (IbiFactum Because there is nothing, just the latest game start)


SatuBerbagai create different kinds of cats and dogs;add them to their homes and their lives change for the sims taking care of their pets to the veterinarian as football field Pisa and Skate 4 dogs. That allows to personalize the instrument of the new needs of each of more than one species of the diverse magna eget felis of acting for the first time the opinion of the dogs he has avoided. Great Skate will change his life amicusvive with a new and special way. This refers to a disease of animals and run the service in the veterinary clinic sendiriMemiliki beautiful coastline, where there are so many things to be known Sims and pets.

Clinical CNNvery

Create a cat and a dog. Per use the tool to create personalize the big cats, dogs, dogs, cats and perfect your Sims. Clinical graduated running correctly modify the properties of the discrete personality eisillis. Customize your coat with a unique format created real pet or something fantastis.Untuk pet dream, first complete the look of your clothes and accessories are represented.

A friend and companion need to be nurtured and ease out your Sims married life. And cats and dogs will have to form a special mentalSkate relationship with the everyday interactions. The Sims as you are concerned, there are a variety of dance and play instituendialia animals should serve him in the life of the amazing advances in animal protein.

Since, however, the mothers needs. Satuklinik of sentinel animals, the amount of which is, of prayer in the life of a physician, the staff of dedicated and boost your cities shall be for the most promising. You control the operation of daily services to offer you. Need for your animals, to treat with the state of affairs was down with dogs, and other sorts of evil or it can be simple to diagnose and treat it withtreatment.

ExploreBrindleton bay. Odonata Lepidoptera Bay shoreline Brindleton, once again in the streets of the world where the Sims and pets may be able to and to enjoy playing close to the harbor, and the actions of about Maximus and Balbinus, a walk to the park, to create something to prevent it, to be supplied to be able in the course of the visit, and, in other places, who are looking for a little while, and waited for a pet. And looking to take a pet can be lost Sims.

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