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UC BrowserHD is a free web browser, designed for Windows PC, by UCweb Inc.

It offers the largest number of features within a mere 8 MB

window and is tailor made for a portrait portrait of the type

You are used to using your phone. It offers features ranging from tabs to text navigation, to more modern features, such as saving the SD card directly or using a password for the pictures. Simple enough for everyone, fairly advanced for everyone

UC BrowserHDHy has no impression at the moment that heIt does not open, but it is not much more impressive for a long time. Upload the pages quickly and do the same with the accuracy of Chrome or Firefox on the desktop (the size of the screen allows). Similarly, switch through a flowing tab and each new tab has a fully customizable shortcut that you can use to go directly to the most relevant and useful web pages.

The browser is also extremely flexible. There is a waynet text to disrupt data. If you leave lateThe night is in a restaurant and does not want to load your eyes, night mode is obvious. The “Speed ​​Mode” of the application is not always clear about what you do, but it can help you if your connection is unstable. Best of all, if you use a desktop user, you can visit or explore unknowns without saving history. If you want, you will not lose any function you use on your computer, but it will not be fixed in a browser. This is not optimized foryour phone.

Sure, sure, thin, but maybe a little indifferent

So UC BrowserHD is so beautiful. But here are some more specific statistics: the browser works less than the maximum for the HTML5 test and the Acid3 test. Firefox and Chrome for the desktop, at least, these tests are worth it. Since both tests are well-established and used by experienced web developers and users as comparison points, it’s not a good sign. Take on the most common sites like Facebook,the difference is not clear. It only causes problems in many modern websites that use HTML5 intensively.

On the other hand, the interface is polished and works in a reasonable way, but it has some security features that even the browsers currently do not offer. Most importantly, an innovative “image password” feature allows you to select a picture on your mobile phone and several points, so it serves as a default style password for your browser. It would be better if it is an option for the wholedevice was, but as it is, it’s a welcome feature that you can use to work, make a bank and more.

All together

Generally, UC BrowserHD carries all the components that are part of a good mobile browser and place them in a single application. Combined with ease of use, speed and accuracy, most of the latest mobile browsers are currently blowing out. With today’s competition, the business is a bit less clear: the rider engine does not cause problems at allsites, but it is not comparable to Firefox or Chrome.

Because the application is free, there is little to try to lose.

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