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Waving this story of adventure with RPG elements, held in a fantasy world called FeaturesCinematic Cutscenes with figures from the cool Arrowtide villages, dungeons and fighting demons, dragons and your character – to gain powerful weapons, shields and voices, we want to give recognitionThese wonderful jokers / actors who gave our heroes their voice Gibi ASMR voice VinevingJackSucksAtLife voice Gariak and Spirit AurinBalenaproductionsGolos Amergin (Druid in the Temple) Jordana Antle (theFearRaiser) – Voice of Man in a cafe and Arrowtide villagerTRIHARDNINJA voice vachtersAviatorGamingCaptain – Brodgroth’s voiceTaciturnus (dad’s family) RealRosesAreRed – voice Bagheataine Taciturnus (mother of the mother) darkk MANE voice BoekverkoperKsicron voice DordegMandJTV Pokevids voice gold minerlucahjin speech Galekia (drink lady) Pikelated Apolo voice voice BlacksmithTEJBZBarkeeperKsisumavoice Chak (farmers) Danz Nevz voice TumulirONE_shot_GURL voice InisianaMs 5ooo V – voice baker megaPlais – voice assistantSomeThingElseIT baker – voice voice of the spirit BironanAdventureGamingHK Alguirrabbidluigi – voice Prison Guardfiggehn voice herbergierChimneiSvift11 – voiceHubard (An old man is in a hut) person anime – voice EdugusPoke – Druid voice Arbolia ceremoniesRianLaughton voiceTabusCipherDen – ArrowtideHatsi peasant Voice – the voice of Krstic ArrowtideIndieun – vocalist ArrovtideCherriRsR – actress Rebecca (waitress at the hotel) Ami Smith – voice of Juliet(waitress at the hotel)

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