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WeChat is a free messaging service, which is available on computers and now on Windows computers. This desktop allows you to chat and share files exactly as you can on mobile versions.

Contact your mobile account

To use WeChat, you must register to account with your mobile number. This Windows version is a guide to the mobile applications. To register, please complete the application for your mobile device, enter your phone number and enterthe validity you sent.

By accessing I can provide the program to your contacts, you can see who already uses WeChat. To use the Windows version, you must open the mobile application and take a picture of QR that appears on your screen. After doing so. Wechat for Windows opens, looks and feels It’s probably a mobile relationship.

Official functional chat app

With WeChat, you can chat with your contacts through your desktop, and get notices when someonecontact you. You can also send files. File transfer can be more useful on Windows such as mobile devices (especially if you are an iOS user), as you can send any type of file that you like by WeChat?

WeChat is quite simple. Apart from text chat and file transfers, you can also send screens and emoji. The screen tool is good, automatically contracts around windows you hover. Where WeChat is about programsothers like Skype or Facebook Messenger, its lack of video or voice chat.

Stay connected without your phone

NWeChat for Windows is an additional useful on mobile comps, but note that you can not use it without a mobile account. However, it’s useful if you want to stay without looking at your mobile phone!

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