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Wisdom Hider is a special program that can be used to protect data and save optical eyes. The success of pulling and dropping facilitates the use of the software and has many important features that allow a greater commitment with additional serenity.

Keeping data safe and secure

Hider Folder Hider users will be sent for an additional cast that does not appear to people who do not know what they are looking for. This term can be used to store documents and files that areSensitive to anyone who places their hands on computers, there will be problems to find. The security of two passwords is also a good touch, because it means that even people who can eliminate the password will have an additional challenge.

Make good choices

People looking for a free way to save their reliable data on your computer should be sure they see the Wider Folder Hider. However, it must be understood that not all Hider offers are availablefree of charge Users who want to take advantage of the buyer and some of the highest options will have to pay for the professional version, which is a little stop.

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