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Zuma is very simple and it is said to be a good puzzle game. There is even someone like me who avoids puzzles, such as a punch, stuck to the computer.

You control a small frog in the form of the ancient Aztecs around the axis. The frog offers several colored balls that destroy other balls around the frog on the way to the center to gain access to the golden skull. Your knowledge in Zuma is to make sure that the bottles are blowing enough balls to destroy the describing ballsa golden skull before arriving there.

Capture Zuma is that the balls have three different colors – red, green and yellow. You can beat the same colored balls, but straight. If three or more balls are closed, if you hit a person with colored balls, you will get rid of her and get points. Sometimes you can change the color of the ball you play by right-clicking on the left side of the fire.

Zuma has two ways – Adventure and Gauntlet, although it’s hard to say what’s differentthey are two. Both methods have the same gameplay, funky tribal soundtrack with excellent graphics and sounds. It’s a scam as you act, and during the treatment you do not look at how gradually bullets are being fetched. The loss is that it may be very easy, because the balls are slowly moving slowly.

Zuma is a good game that will appeal to adults and children. Remember that you can play up to 60 minutes in this experimental version.

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