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Zuma in revenge! Zuma is a puzzle game with bubbles in which you control a frog frog against the goddess of ancient frogs.

The story is an exciting puzzle game of Zuma Revenge. Nevertheless, a humorous and shameless text and conversation make it more charming.

You controla pool in the center. On the screen, a colored ball shoots out of the ball chain through the mouth of the statue. This prevents the suspension of work. Three or more balls of the same color The normal methods for creating a row will be deleted. There are rumors about how to save Zuma’s revenge! Interesting and many design pads.

Onall levels are fighting with the forest, the base preserves Zuma’s revenge! The mechanic adds one more goal, while the ball shoots fire, cleaning endless currents.

If you’ve never played Zuma, Zuma Revenge! it will be fantastic. It’s easy to play, but very convincing. People who used to play graphicsmore cool There are a lot of fun gameplay to make you interesting.

exciting, attractive and humorous – if you do not hide the puzzle, you can not stop playing Zuma!

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